Blue Ridge Rocks is your ultimate guide for music in and around Roanoke and Southwest Virginia. Our growing community of music fans, writers, promoters and musicians are dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive information about the local music scene.

The site was started by a small group of music lovers who reside in and around the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Once forced to travel to larger cities to find the smooth sounds they craved, they recently found themselves overwhelmed by the region’s flourishing music scene. With a breadth of live music opportunities, that range from world-renowned to regional and national grassroots musical acts, on any given night, the group had a hard time keeping up with all the possibilities. Hence, Blue Ridge Rocks was born.

This site serves to highlight all the musicians, producers, promoters, and fans who make and sustain the scene. Have any other musical notes you want to bring to our attention, shoot us a message on the Contact Us page.

Editors & Contributors

Jarred Foresman is the Blue Ridge Rocks webmaster and the one responsible for the site design and architecture. His company, Cardinal Eye creates videos and websites for a range of industries and businesses. Check out other samples of his work at CardinalEye.com

Ashley Lucas is a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and acting Vice-President of the Southwest Virginia Songwriters Association.  A longtime Roanoke resident, she loves the local music scene and truly considers Roanoke to be a music town.  Together with her husband and daughter, Everly, they spend their free time playing outside, hitting up local breweries, seeing shows, and falling asleep on the couch by 9pm.  Check out Ashley’s music at: Ashley Lucas

Meagan Iwaniszek Reynolds is a photographer in the Roanoke Valley area. She grew up in Franklin County, where she lives with her husband and high school sweetheart, Jeff, who is a local musician in The Aurora Observatory. She has held a passion for art and photography for as long as she can remember and has worked as a portraiture photography for nearly 12 years. Meagan began shooting live music photography at her husband’s shows many years ago, and it quickly became her favorite alternative style of photography, combing two of her favorite art mediums; music and photography. She has been on the FloydFest photography staff since 2013 and also recently began contributing to a local cultural publication, Va Colors. Check out more of her work at www.mirphotoz.com

Siobhan Donegan Cline is a photo journalist who specializes in event and live music photography. Nearly 30 years ago, Siobhan discovered her love for photography in a darkroom working for Music Photographers. There she developed photos for Ozzy Osborne, SkID ROw, Janes Addiction and many others which later on in life gave her the tools to become a National Concert Photographer. For the past seven years, Siobhan has been photographing the Roanoke music scene and festival circuit, and has shot for Merlefest, Roosterwalk,FrontPorch Fest, AllGood, Floydfest, and Lockn, among others. She has photographed a number of bands, including SisterSparrow and Dirty Birds, Yarn, John K Band, LipBone Redding, and her work can be found on a variety of album covers and featured in Relix magazine. In addition to her photography, Siobhan also works as a  graphic artist, and has a selection of original pieces and visionary artwork. You can check out more of her work at https://www.facebook.com/DrumzandspacePhotography/

Morgan Lazenby is a Roanoke native currently adjusting to the flatlands of Champaign-Urbana, Illinois after two years navigating New York City’s mountains of steel and concrete. A software specialist for nearly a decade, she spends her precious work-free hours on the soccer field, at the gym, and with her husband and neurotic American Eskimo. Morgan’s work is instrumental to the Blue Ridge Rocks’ music calendar.

Joel Murphy, a Roanoker for nearly two decades, grew up listening to a lot of Eagles, Clapton, Pink Floyd, Greatful Dead, and Tom Petty. While Joel shoots a variety of images, his main passion is live music photography. While his preference is to shoot 35mm and medium format film, he recently made the switch to digital early this year. Like most people growing up in the region, he couldn’t wait to run off to a bigger city. Over the past eight years, he has discovered how much he absolutely loves Roanoke and the blue ridge mountains.
Roland Lazenby is a writer and former Roanoke Times reporter living in Salem.

Tim McCoy a transplant from Hollywood, FL, has resided in the Blue Ridge Mountains for more than a decade. Tim’s efforts were central to the launch of  Blue Ridge Rocks. While Tim enjoys discovering new artists and music of all types, his greatest love is Rush and the hard-hitting solos of Neil Peart.

Jenna Lazenby is a lifelong Roanoke resident and marketing strategist who has a deep passion for live music, the outdoors, and the local community.  She launched Blue Ridge Rocks to help promote the artists and the music of Virginia’s Blue Ridge region.


Sustaining Blue Ridge Rocks without partners and sponsors would be impossible. We want to thank those organizations and people who work hard to bring great live music to the region  and those who support Blue Ridge Rocks. Please reach out if you’re interested in partnering with us or becoming a sponsor.
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“Music is a world within itself. It’s a language we all understand.”