Grandin Theatre Celebrates 85 Years of Entertaining Roanokers

With the red carpet rolled out and the thick velvet curtains unfurled, Grandin Theatre is set to host an 85th Anniversary gala on Saturday, November 4th. Guests to this limited-seating event will come together to celebrate the storied past of the venue that has been the showcase for movies, live theater, art exhibits, and even internationally famous musicians.

Unbeknownst to many in our region, for a little more than a year (from 1984-85) the Grandin was host to an eclectic slate of musical acts that included R&B greats like Ray Charles and B.B. King, to more modern pop acts like Guadalcanal Diary and the Dead Kennedys. In that year, the owners of the Grandin partnered with the 27 year old Phillip Poff to realize his vision of bringing national touring acts to Roanoke audiences. That brief period of the Grandin Theatre as a music spot is just one the several incarnations of this timeless venue that will be featured in a documentary screened at Saturday’s celebration.