Concert Review: Third Eye Blind, A Sight for Sore Eyes

Twenty years ago, San Francisco based rock band, Third Eye Blind, released their self-titled debut album. This summer, they’ve been touring around the nation, celebrating the success of that album. As someone who grew up with that album on repeat in my first car, these songs are like the soundtrack of my high school years. With the catchy, fun songs like “Semi-Charmed Life” and introspective rock ballads such as “God of Wine”, 3EB spanned the emotional roller coaster that is adolescence.

The band’s latest stop was Elmwood Park in downtown Roanoke, thanks to the Budweiser Summer Concert Series. Seventy degrees and clear, it was a perfect night for an outdoor show, and Third Eye Blind was blasting the past right out of every person in attendance. The crowd was as diverse as ever: early 20’s girls in flannel, middle aged folks, parents with kids. They all had one thing in common; an excited anticipation to see one of the 90’s most anthemic bands.