Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy Tour Comes to The Harvester

Carl Palmer is a man on fire. His energetic playing style was the heartbeat of the 1970’s progressive rock supergroup Emerson, Lake, & Palmer, (ELP), and then for 80’s rock band Asia. These days, he is still going strong with his current project ELP Legacy which comes to the Harvester Performance Center on Friday night.

I was able to grab a few minutes of the drummer’s time as he travelled from Melbourne, Florida to Atlanta as part of the North American leg of this year’s tour. Palmer is a cheerful, albeit busy man, and he fired answers back the way he plays his drums, fast-paced and with a rhythmic precision. It quickly became clear why he has accomplished so much over the course of his five-decade career: he does not stop moving. The ELP Legacy show has been touring almost continuously since June of 2016, and continues to add dates, including two just this week in North Carolina.