Jefferson Center Music Lab

Blue Ridge KIDS Rock: The Music Lab @ The Jefferson Center

If you’re reading this, chances are, you consider music to be a vital part of life.  You appreciate this form of art and more than likely, others as well.  Valuing the arts, and understanding their importance as a form of not just enjoyment, but communication as well, is the point of this series I will present to Blue Ridge Rocks readers over the next few months.  Blue Ridge KIDS Rock will provide our readership with information about the current organizations and businesses that offer the children in our community what all of us at Blue Ridge Rocks so value: exposure to the wonder that is music.

The Jefferson Center is home to my first subject: the Music Lab.  The Music Lab provides an educational experience for kids in grades 6th-12th.  At the incredibly affordable price of $100 per semester, students can sign up with no prior musical experience, and receive instruction in music technology, music recording and production, songwriting, and various other parts of the music business.  If students are so inclined, they may attend Music Lab workshops, classes, or open lab up to four times a week.  My limited math skills tell me that’s around $1.67 per day they attend!  #Value!  Students also have the opportunity to utilize incredible musicians who provide individual lessons in drums, cello, voice, guitar, piano and violin, at a reasonable hourly rate.