Twin Creeks Brewing Co

Twin Creeks Brewing: A Frothy Mix of Beer, Music, and Community

If you think about it, craft beer and music have a lot in common. At their core, both are works of art. Similar to a musician, a craft beer brewer starts with a handful of simple ingredients, blends in plenty of skill and passion, all to ultimately form a unique concoction that brings others joy. It’s one of the reasons the two make the perfect pairing.

Andy Bishop, one of three owners of Twin Creeks Brewing, is passionate about that pairing, and its at the core of Roanoke County’s first brewery. Twin Creeks Brewing opened its doors in November 2016, and has made steady progress to become a destination for both delicious craft beer, and excellent original music in downtown Vinton. Bishop, a musician himself, recognizes the importance of making the brewery a destination where people can feel comfortable to visit.

“A brewery is not a bar, and a bar is not a brewery. A brewery is a social gathering place. A brewery is a place for family and friends to come together and share an experience, and music is an integral part of it.” Bishop shared in a recent interview.