Radio Free Roanoke

Radio Free Roanoke to bring hyper-local broadcasting to Roanoke

Radio Free Roanoke, a grassroots, non-profit organization, is raising funds to ‘take back the airwaves’ with the launch of a Low Power FM (LPFM) community radio station. The new station will serve the Roanoke community through programming that will empower local voices and highlight regional music.

In recent years, Low Power FM stations have proliferated around the country after the advent of the Local Community Radio Act, a new class of low-power FM licenses.

I sat down with Bob Capper, license holder for 95.7FM WROE, along with his chair of programming, Heather Rose, to discuss what they envision for the 100-watt “Radio Free Roanoke” station that plans to start broadcasting from the historic Grandin neighborhood within the next three months. While the 100-watt signal pales in comparison to the 50,000 watts that many big commercial stations possess, the station will have an online feed that anyone can stream 24/7.

“We want to be a robust hub connecting isolated groups in Roanoke,” Capper shared. “We want to create some “glue” to bring this community together.”