Corey Hunley

Starr Hill Brings More Music to the Star City

In case you were hiding under a rock and didn’t hear the news, Starr Hill Brewery announced yesterday that it is opening a Pilot Brewery & Side Stage in Roanoke. Slated to open in September of this year at The Bridges in Roanoke’s Riverside District, the brewery will be Starr Hill’s first satellite taproom and will include a five-barrel brewing system that will produce limited release craft beers. Multiple weekly musical performances that highlight local and regional artists will be a central element of the brewery’s draw.

A passion for craft beer and live music have always been at the heart of Starr Hill, as the brewery started in a shared space with Starr Hill Music Club in Charlottesville in 1999.  Although that venue closed in 2007 and the brewery’s headquarters now reside outside of Charlottesville, in Crozet, the pairing of great beer and tunes are still central to the company’s mission. Yesterday’s announcement reinforced that connection as attendee’s quaffed free beer and enjoyed lives tunes provided by local artist Corey Hunley.