The Harvester: Rocky Mount’s Musical Engine of Progress

The artificial fog swirled around the stage and into the assembled crowd, as Matt Hankins, assistant town manager and CEO of the Harvester Performance Center took the podium to deliver his welcome address. Within his opening remarks, was the salient point, “The Harvester sold some $1.2 million in ticket sales in 2016, and we are pleased to say we’ve turned a small profit.” But the true value of the Harvester to the town of Rocky Mount and our region cannot be measured in just dollars and cents.  The Harvester is a transformative heartbeat, steadily pumping creative possibilities and joy into the town.

Hankins took to the task of outlining the economic impact that the performance center has had on the town of Rocky Mount. Those numbers included the restaurant meals sold, tax revenues from meal sales, and the estimate that some $2.25 are spent in local businesses for every dollar spent at the Harvester. Then, Hankins reviewed the numerous awards Rocky Mount has won in the last few years, most recently the 2016 Community Economic Development Award (CEDA). Towards the end of his address, Hankins recognized the other businesses that make the town thrive, and ended his comments noting that the town would like to attract both a microbrewery and distillery, to further the reputation as a place to stay for a visit, not just come for a show.