The Bazaar of Roanoke

The Bazaar of Roanoke: Local non-profit store offers vintage records and collectibles

There is something nostalgic about flipping through stacks of vinyl, and discovering a favorite artist or new music that strikes your fancy. In a world now dominated by online music sales and streaming services, vinyl records have made a resurgence in recent years, and more and more people are dusting off their old turntable and playing their favorite albums.

If you’re one of those people, The Bazaar of Roanoke is the store for you. A pale-yellow building that sits across the street from Tower’s Shopping Center, The Bazaar houses a bevy of new and used albums and CDs, as well as music-related art and collectibles.

There was a brief period when the Roanoke region didn’t have any record stores. In early 2009, Plan 9, an independent record store out of Richmond that had bought the once prominent Record Exchange, closed its doors. That’s when Jamie Booker, a record store veteran, saw an opportunity and opened The Bazaar. When the store first opened in September of 2009, it occupied only the basement. Three years ago, Booker was able to expand and take over the top half of the building as well.