Mad Iguanas! Mad Iguanas! Mad Iguanas!

It was a wet, warm summer night at Parkway Brewing Company. One of those where the rain was driving sideways and the roll up doors had to be closed to keep the place and everyone in it dry. But no one inside was worried about the rain as local jam band Mad Iguanas was driving the packed house to a frenzy with a scorching cover of “Fire on the Mountain.”

It’s in between the Grateful Dead covers and a mix of original jams, where the Mad Iguanas have developed a reputation as a highly funky and fun jam band that consistently delivers a good time. Currently, the band’s line up consists of Foster Burton on rhythm guitar and vocals, his brother Daniel on bass and backing vocals, Henry Lazenby on lead guitar, and a rotation of drummers. The Iguana’s lead singer Foster has a style to him reminiscent of the late Garcia. A jolly fellow with a wide smile, that you instantly know you want to share a beer with. I did just that awhile back to discuss the origins of the Mad Iguanas and the future of the band.