Willy Gurley

Spotlight: Willy Gurley & The Fainting Goat Studio

Tucked away in the back roads of Bedford County, you’ll discover The Fainting Goat, a 1500 square foot, two-room recording studio and control room, with 20 foot vaulted ceilings, operated by local musician and drummer Willy Gurley.

The Fainting Goat provides artists a comfortable space for recording, and access to some truly unique equipment and instruments. From the Kurzweil K250 that was played by Bruce Springsteen in a studio in Richmond, to an Acoustic 360 bass cabinet that was used in numerous shows with Wayne Newton in Las Vegas, to a vintage 1967 Bandmaster amplifier, the studio is equipped with more than 100 instruments, including guitars, drums horns, even an accordion.

It was at the young age of seven that Gurley was first introduced to music. His dad, Hal, who owns local seafood restaurant and live music venue, Clam Diggers, started finding and collecting guitars, keyboards, and other cool, rare instruments to fill his house, and Willy started learning how to play them. It was in 2006, that Hal had the idea to build a recording studio, and studio construction and sound proofing began. While it took several years to fully complete, Willy continued to develop his love and training for music by studying at The Jefferson Center’s Music Lab, an after school program in Roanoke focused on music production and performance.