Bubba Webster

Artist Snapshot: Bubba J Webster

“I’m comin’ to you straight outta Mont-Vegas! I’m a proud product of Montvale, VA in Bedford County. Growing up in the rural shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains, I discovered music from my rockin’ older cousin, Mark, and my bluegrass guitarist grandfather, Carl. Before long I started playing bass for a band that would eventually become Curmudgeon, a ska-punkish act who played the area from the 90’s to 2002.”

“Performing live is like creating a common space to exist with your audience and bandmates. It’s an emotional, electric transfer of energy. I remember so many great moments, but my dearest memories are of the people I’ve performed with and seeing that look on their face when it all clicks together. That pocket gets found and everyone is taken higher.”
“There is tremendous joy in making a noise that people enjoy hearing, in writing a song that resonates with a listener, and in the creative process with talented conspirators. I believe in the therapeutic power of music and desire to make as much as possible while my body allows me to. I have a rare condition called AKU that destroys your weight bearing joints. I’d like to use my music talents to help raise awareness and drive research. But mainly I just want to play what I love until the wheels fall off.”