Kris Hodges FloydFest

Kris Hodges: Leader of the FloydFest Tribe

“Every FloydFest has been different in its own elation and pain. I think the greatest art comes from that. Erika and I started FloydFest for the pure love of presenting the highest quality art and music experience possible. Something authentic. Something that wasn’t contrived or regurgitated. I believe strongly in the social power of art and music. I had the vision for FloydFest before we even put it on. I knew that anything was possible and that Floyd was the perfect canvas to paint on. And there were a lot of trials and tribulations and a lot of struggle but I never had a doubt in my mind that FloydFest would not make it. I never did. Like with any art, you’re going to create it no matter what. Whether the money is there is irrelevant. The pure drive to create art is motivation. So we started to create art. In a big way.”

Milepost #170.5 just past the Rocky Knob visitor’s center along the Blue Ridge Parkway is an idyllic piece of countryside. For most of the year, the majority of traffic along the parkway is comprised of cyclists, hikers and those out for a slow-paced afternoon drive. A quick park of the car at the visitor’s center and moments later you can find yourself in solitude, meandering along a path with stunning mountain vistas; one where you’re likely to run into more cows than people.