Jason Martin

Martin’s Downtown: Something BIG

It’s a rainy Saturday night in late April. One of those nights you’d expect many to opt to stay dry, tucked away inside. One of those nights where you, yourself go back and forth on should I stay or should I go?

On the weekend, you know if you opt to go out, you can always count on Martin’s Downtown for something good. However, on this drab Saturday evening, I was not prepared for something this good, or rather something this BIG. I knew downtown was the right decision when I opened the Martin’s doors and was knocked over by the scope of the crowd and the blasting tunes. On stage was alt rock band, Big Something, out of Burlington, NC, delivering powerful sounds that fuse rock, funk, and jam band elements into something wholly new.

That night, they were wizards conjuring spirits from the assembled audience members. While some patrons stood stoically grooving to the sounds, many were crushed up near the stage pulsing hard to the sounds of this enigmatic group. It was a mix of dance, light, and sound, that brought the crowd to a frenzy usually seen in the confines of festival gatherings, occurring inside a club on a rainy Saturday night.