Prince curtain

“Dearly Beloved…”

The death of Prince is utterly heartbreaking. While the closest he ever performed to us in recent years was in Charlotte, NC, his influence was certainly felt throughout our region. He was an incredible songwriter, guitarist, and most of all, a consummate professional performer.
A lesser man would have cancelled the Super Bowl performance, or radically scaled it back. Prince leaned into it, and gave the audience an unforgettable performance. We were lucky to have him for the time we did.

FloydFest, Across-the-way, Huey Lewis

FloydFest and Roanoke Make a Match

After years of flirtation, of eyeballing each other from a distance, FloydFest and Roanoke finally did the obvious Wednesday night and got married in a beautiful little ceremony that featured a big fat moon rising over the city’s Elmwood Park amphitheater stage, hugged tightly and happily by a crowd of better than 3,500.

It actually seemed like about 30,000 with the atmosphere and buzz that the event produced in the midst of downtown on a weeknight.