Kris Piemonte Roanoke Virginia musician

Artist Snapshot: Kris Piemonte

For me, songwriting is putting my heart on a platter with a knife and fork. Performing it, is handing that platter to the audience. I love song writing, but performing original music for a crowd is what it’s all about. Trying to recreate the feeling I had when I wrote the song is what I love most.

I play a variety of instruments, but when I am playing out, it’s just me and my guitar. I feel like I started late in life. At 21 I went to see Dave Matthews in concert. I had no idea who he was and was just blown away. After that, I got an old guitar from my mother’s attic, restrung it, and started recreating sounds I heard on early DMB CDs. Once I found those sounds, I was able to take things in new directions. I still play that way. You give me a little taste of a song, and I’ll figure the rest out. Songwriting is similar. I get that feeling, and the writing is underway. There are songs in my head that I’ve been writing for years, then others will bloom in 5 minutes. I love the mystery and challenge of the process.